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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm hungry

I'm having a chocolate, butter, sugar attack...however, sugar cinnamon, apples, and a buttery cobblery crust would make my day right about now.  Face it...I'm just hungry and I want something bad...naughty...of the highly caloric variety.  Sometimes in the late afternoon my thoughts turn to all things not good for you and I'm sure glad I haven't bought any Halloween candy yet.  So with that in mind, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

I love a few bites of candy corn but then they get too sweet and make you all shivery.  My favorites are any of the mini snack size Snickers, Butterfingers, and Milky Ways.  Kit Kats are good, as are Heath bars.  And I'm OK with Hershey kisses but I like the ones with almonds best.  Now, any of that Almond Joy nonsense and I'm out, and the same goes for suckers, gum, and "trashy candy".  Nobody wants that cheapo stuff so don't buy it.

This year I'm thinking of getting Bruce to answer the door with a jug of milk, and tell the kids to hold out their bags.  I just want to see the kids and the parents faces.  I know, I know....I'm evil.

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