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Friday, October 19, 2012

Yay, weekend!

Another busy weekend is at hand.  I can hear baby Claire next door outside with her mom playing on her riding toys.  If baby brother John doesn't arrive today, he's going to get some help getting here tomorrow.  I know his mother is ready and he probably is, too.  Woo hoo!!  Fresh baby coming our way!  I DO love me some baby.  I just spoke with Laura out front and asked if we could bring dinner when she gets home, so we're being added to her meal calendar. We have each others cells and emails so she'll give those to her friend doing the calendar.    

Tonight is a partay and shower for my niece, Suzanne, and her fiance',"Jaybird", which will be super fun and then we double back home for Sis, and head to the farm.  Lots of projects to take care of up there, one of which will be cleaning the big den carpet, again, so it looks nice for Thanksgiving.  With a house that gets as much use as the farm's, you have to know stuff happens.  Dogs, lots of kids, muddy boots, and spills are just part of what goes on up there. 

Tonight is also the big fund raiser smoke-a-thon for the Church of Christ in Sanger.  I didn't put our name on a brisket because at the time, my stomach could not handle the thought of anything food related, much less a brisket.  We'll swing by tonight on the way to the house and see if we can slap our name on one.  If not, no biggie.  I just cooked one the other day anyway. 

It's a gorgeous day outside so let's all enjoy it!!  Happy weekend to all!!

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