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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm in my head again today but in a good way.  I'm creating and that's always fun.  It's so interesting to me how often I think I have something picked out in my head--a style or a look I like--until I see something else.  Since this morning, I've gone from a European/ Swedish cottage exterior, to a Barn.  Seriously, I have.  I absolutely love Barns--any kind except the metal kind--and even those are OK for some places.  Honing in on what I really want has to do so much with the day, what's rattling around in my brain, who I want to be that particular day, and how I see myself living in that space.  Please tell me one of you does this, too, because otherwise, I'm a huge nutbag.

The problem is, I like so many different styles. I can only imagine the look on some designers face when/ if I showed them all the pictures I've saved.  Some of the pictures I know I like, but would never live like that, so that parts easy to cull out.  The next part is expense--some things I love are mega bucks so we can quickly give those the hook as well.  Maybe it's not quite as bad as I think...maybe a professional might be able to interpret where I'm going in my head, style wise.  Let's just hope it's not a shrink doing the interpreting.  I'd probably be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Now, not to get too personal here but I just returned from the chiropractor, again, and because a certain muscle is spasming, I am too.  I have one of those big frozen do-hickeys down my pants, right at my hip, and these suckers are crazy c-o-l-d which is, duh, the whole point.  I'll spare you a pic.

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