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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Girl with the Crazy Hair

Thank goodness last night's debate is over.  I watched for a few minutes and couldn't take any more.  No wonder politics get such a bad rap.  Both sides were awful.  Now, on to a happier topic.  Today at noon, Fred and I will be box lunching at the new Parkland--or at least a part of it--to see the mock up of the new patient rooms for the new hospital.  I can't wait to see it and get a feel for what it will be like.  Yes, I can go online and look at pictures of the rooms but that's not the same as actually seeing it with my own eyes.  After Dallas has waited so long for a new hospital, this should be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With this being Texas-OU weekend, I am hoping the weather holds for tomorrow's game and the Fair, for all those who have never been to either.  Frankly, the comfort of my own den and watching the game on TV (or not) is much more comfortable for me.  Not being a huge football fan, unless I'm cooking and watching, fagedaboudit.  I'd rather be outside or doing something else.

I ran by yesterday to see the smalls and their new home but missed seeing Hudson, as he was still at school.  The plan initially was to go by later but that didn't work out.  Avery was as adorable as ever and has suddenly starting talking in a very grown up girl way where I can understand exactly what she's saying.  To me, she also looks and sounds so much like Hudson, it's just a hoot!  Hadley wasn't there when I first arrived but came a few minutes later with her best pal, The Girl with the Crazy Hair, Brook.  (When Had didn't know Brook's name, she told her mom she had a new friend at school with Crazy Hair.)  Brook is a pistol with a huge personality, wonderful curly strawberry-blonde red hair, and hazel eyes and says the funniest things ever.  No wonder she and Had are best pals.  The two of them are an early version of Thelma and Louise.  Yesterday as I was leaving, Brook wanted Nicole to do make overs on them and I'm sick I missed that.  Girly girls.....whoa.

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