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Monday, October 22, 2012

This and that

What a weekend!  Between all the Farm drama and Bruce's step father falling and breaking half his ribs down at his lake house, and now in the hospital here in Dallas, I'm glad to have this weekend in the can.  Other than a coyote sighting (and chase) in the back pasture on the 4-wheeler by Sis and her dad, this was not a big wild life viewing weekend.  The armadillos have clearly been there but were smart enough not to show up while we were there.  The last visitor got blown to smithereens, so I'm thinking words gotten around to his pals.

I did some clothes shopping for mom yesterday and every time I have to do it,  I end up questioning myself over would mom kill me for putting her in that, when the truth is, mom doesn't give two hoots what she's got on.  The Edgemere laundry service is not known for being easy on clothes, so today I'm going over for a major throw away, and to hang some new duds in mom's closet.  Yes, she's on Hospice, but I cannot stand the thought of my mom looking like a little old bag lady.  I figure soft and clean is the way to go and if we end up throwing these away after this winter, so be it.  Her beautiful night gowns that I got her three years ago are in tatters--literally-- so I ordered more of them, too.  They're expensive, but after looking around town at what's out there, and knowing how much mom loved these, I called my sister and she agreed--just order them.  So I did.  They'll be here in a week.

Off to the grocery since I haven't been in a week.  Sis will hold down the fort for me and is asleep underneath here.  Wish I could teach her to do the laundry.....:)

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