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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Choices. Got any?

Choices.  Today I have loads of them.  Growing up as a little kid, none of us had many.  We just did what we were told to do.  I know I did (for the most part).  To do otherwise was met with stiff consequences.  Today I can ask questions or not, gather more information or not, do nothing or do lots of things--all are mine to choose.

Some of my choices will have fall out--some perhaps not.  Some could be smarter choices; some not so smart. And they are still mine to make.  There's so much freedom in that for me.  I do not have to march to someone elses drummer or their beat.  I am no longer stuck with what is.

When in doubt, I can always invite God in and ask Him which way to go and listen for His suggestion.  If there's not a direct one, I can weigh my options and choose what I determine I want to do.  I get to choose what's best for me.  My choice.  My decision.  My freedom to choose.  Awesome.

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