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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flex Up!

I'm going to go ahead and just name this Christmas before it even happens and it will forever more be known as the 2012: Transition Christmas.  Bruce and I counted up the number of changes that have had a part in this year's celebration and got to 12, before stopping, and I'm sure we've either missed a few, or more are in store before Christmas is officially a memory.  The best part is, so far I really like the direction we're headed in.  Is all of it perfect, no, and it made me think about how things sure weren't perfect in Bethlehem, either.  Remember the no room in the Inn business?  And delivering in the stable?   That's not only unsanitary but I'm thinking cold, drafty and downright uncomfortable.  No meds, no running water.  Oh, Holy night is right.  Count me out for that job.

And talk about a transition year....that year back then was a real doozie.  A star in the East, shepherds seeing it as they tended their flocks knowing something really spectacular had happened, and three Wise Men traveling for miles and miles to bring gifts to a newborn baby.  A very special baby.  And the world was forever changed by that night and the man he grew to be. 

 The changes he brought to this world a lot of people initially thought were bad.  Some people still think they are-- and both groups were probably just afraid.  Afraid of him, afraid of seeing the world differently (change), afraid of his holy powers.  Change was good then, and it's good now.  Seeing things differently is all of matter of opening your mind and being willing to experience something new.

Make new memories.  Start new traditions.  Let go of the old.   

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