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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh, yes he did...

I am still laughing over this morning's dog drama.  A certain male took his favorite black dog on their walk this morning.  They go every Saturday morning because it's something she will bug him about until he finally takes her.  She will whine at him, bark at him, and just generally pester him until either I make him take her to shut her up, or he gives in.  Since it was still chilly, I made him put on her coat, which she hates.  It makes her look like a black pig in a royal blue blanket and that's my favorite part.  Anywho, down the block they went to the church for their usual do and I jumped into the shower.

No sooner did I hop out of the shower but in he came, carrying her, telling me he "thought she had hurt her shoulder...she's limping".  Picture it...I'm standing there with wet hair in my towel wrap, trying to take all of this in.  He takes off her coat and gently....reverently...puts her down, and sure enough she is limping.  He looks at me like I'm suddenly a Vet (that happens a lot around here) with a pleading look on his face to please, please, fix her, so I gently suggest he check her paw for something down inside.  He looks at me like I'm nuts, but does it anyway.  He's just sure it's her shoulder.  Out comes a chunk of  acorn shell, he puts Sis down, and off she runs to the kitchen to get a drink of water.  I think I'm gonna start billing him for consultations on this kind of stuff.  He'll need a padded cell if anything really bad ever does happen to her.

Lastly, because he worries about her at night when he lets her outside and she she goes alley hunting in the dark--he's afraid someone won't see her black self and will run over her-- yesterday afternoon, he bought her a light up, blinking, flashing, collar that's actually a little snuggish but will work for the small amount of  time she's outside at night.  He was beyond thrilled to find one and could not wait to put it on her for a test run.  Those two are just somethin'--I dare say what.  I'll try to get a picture of her in it.  You just have to see it to believe it.  She looks like a little black pig in a flashing red collar. 

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