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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Big Reveal

 The Secret.  The Big Reveal.  Drum roll, please.

Guess where Scarletta has been for the last 4 days??  

Ya give?  I mean ya??

Well, here it is:  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, playing for the troops.  I kid you not.  More scoop to follow.  They'll be posting pic's ASAP though since they couldn't take cell phones, they may have to wait until they hit home to load them from camera to cell or computer, and that's assuming they could even take a camera.  Probably not.

  Not sure what all the rules and reg's were but I know they were very specific. ( I'm thinking if you break 'um, you either get water boarded or you swim home.  Helloooo, shark bait.)

I should have some insane stories to tell once Benji gets back in US air space.  See....I told you it was a good one!

Since it's an hour later in Cuba, I'm going ahead and posting this.  Their plane should have left by now and be headed to Jacksonville, Florida, if they are coming back the same way they went down there.  Shooweee.... no telling where they'll turn up next.  Hopefully, the Grammy's!!  :)))                               

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  1. Note to self: Nail socks on before reading a "Caroline Reveal"!