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Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm not eatin' that

Today I feel like my brain has been blenderized and not in a good way, either.  Yesterday I found out one of my friends killed herself, and it has rocked my world pretty good.  She was a gorgeous lady inside and out and to have gone to a gun store and purchased a gun, gone back to her car, and then used it on herself is just NOT something I would EVER envision my friend doing, but then that begs the question: do we ever really know what goes on inside someone else or what their reality really looks like?  As another friend said yesterday "Let's get real here....your perception IS your reality" and I agree with her.  We all perceive things a little differently and that is, or becomes, our reality.  We're all not just a bunch of cookie cutters who spin off little cookies that walk alike, talk alike, feel alike, believe alike.  And, clearly, we've all got our individual breaking or tipping point.  The desperation of doing something like that makes me just ache for the person involved, especially when I can't possibly understand it.  Please, God....may I never know that pain or desperation myself.

Now, on to a lighter topic:  Black eyed peas.  Do you eat that stuff?  It simply gags me unless it's so dolled up with other flavors I can't tell what it is, and then what's the point of that???  I will eat Texas Caviar (only if it has enough stuff in it to cover the taste of the peas), on a frito, but beyond that, no thank ya.  Not doin' it.  There's a damn good reason they call them cow peas and besides, they are just plain nasty.  You can eat 'um....I don't care.  Not me.  Bleh.

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