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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oliver....please come back over

Lots going on this morning.  The caretaker at the Farm was to have been out by today but is "running behind" and will be out by noon.  Thank you, Lord.  It's time and good riddance.  He wasn't a bad guy--just lazy as Sister on a cold day.  Time to move on.

Loads of leaves are falling in our front yard, courtesy of two enormous oak trees that drown us in leaves at this time every year.  Yes, we can blow them up today but as we do, more fall, and it's just infuriating, so we'll most likely wait until tomorrow.  I just suggested to the chief leaf blower that he walk outside and get one of the yard guys across the street to blow up ours and just hand them the cash but ohhhhh, nooooo.  OK, FINE.  Have it your way.

I went by to see mom earlier in the week and she was about the same though I suspect she's lost more weight.  My brother bought her these little sippee cups and they work great.  She's always thirsty and I'm guessing that other than meals, the staff forgets to offer her a drink of water during the day even though I've mentioned it to them.  They honestly do the best they can so I can't rag on them too much.  I'm sure it also helps in the diaper change department.

Recent funny:  Hudson had a friend over this week, Oliver, who'd never been over before.  Hud's mom, Nicole, had left all the kids and Oliver, with Hud's dad, Dallas, while she ran to get her haircut.  Late in the afternoon, Dallas was outside putting up a blow up Santa when a lady drove up and said "Hi".  Dallas invited her in and called the kids including Oliver, since his mom was there to pick him up.  Hudson said " Daddy...I need to tell you a secret" and Dallas said "Not now, Hudson".  Hudson said "No, Daddy....I really need to tell you NOW" and he whispered in Dallas's ear "That lady is NOT Oliver's mom".  Dallas looked at Oliver and said "So...this isn't your mom?" and Oliver shook his head, no.  The lady pipes up with "Isn't this 3431" and Dallas said "No, that's next door".  Avery then pipes up with "Awwwkwarddd" and the lady high tails it out the door.  After the door slams, Dallas turns to the kids and says "What just happened here?" and the kids all went to pieces laughing.  See....this is what happens when you leave a dad in charge.  :))))

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