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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift wrapping......whatever

Last night's communion service for family and close friends for Bruce's cousin, Lee Carter, was one of the most beautiful and meaningful services I have ever attended.  The church was Oak Lawn Methodist where Lee's parents had married, his grandparents were long time members, and where he had been baptized.  The sanctuary was old, dark wood, beautiful in the extreme and when the pews squeaked a little when you moved, all I could think of was the thousands of people who have sat there, year after year, generation after generation.  This service was one of Lee's wishes and at the end, we all lit candles which always gives me the chills.  There is something so spiritual about that candle lighting from person to person that is holy, and with the dark outside, and the sweet warmth of us gathered together, it was truly a special gift from Lee.  Thank you, my friend for such a lovely gift.

Lee had specifically wanted his close friends and family to be together for a special service for just us, before the larger service this morning.  What a kind and considerate thought from such a special man.  Well done, Lee.  Well done.

On a lighter note, today I am playing catch up as a few things have had to slide around here lately.  I've decided when you run out of tissue paper for stuffing gift sacks, just wrap whatever the gift is, however you can.  I've decided I like weird shaped stuff under the tree and frankly, it's just easier than getting in the car and going to get tissue paper, of all things.  They'll probably be out at the store anyway so chillax and just wrap the damn thing.

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