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Friday, December 7, 2012

Well, lookey heah...

Great news.  Our hawk is back and Fred spotted him the other morning on his way home from the gym.  I hoped he hadn't gone far and apparently he hasn't.  He must have been hunting over at the church, which  sounds kind of awful when you think about it.  He's the chunk right in the middle, above.

I've decided Sister can either count or has an internal alarm that tells her when the weekend is imminent.  Her whole self perks up and it's as if she's auditioning for a trip to the farm.  By Friday evening she's unbearably perky.  She hops backwards, never taking her eyes off you, and if she sees certain weekend packing gear come out of the closet, get ready for the whinies.  She'll mew, run outside and stand by the car, refuse to come back in, etc.  At least she's not doing what Wiggles used to do which was run under the car and refuse to come out.  The only sure fire way to get him to come out, was to open the car door on my side.  Since he always rode in my lap, in his younger days until we got Sis, he figured that was his best assurance of going.  Then he'd put his front feet up like he was trying to jump into the car, all by himself.  Oh, that brown dog....when he left for Dogtown, he took a big ole chunk of my heart with him. We all still miss that Man dog.  

Lastly, I found this in my pictures this morning and had forgotten Sis even had this.  It came with four jingle things, one for each paw.  We tried that, but Sis went totally over the edge, biting at her paws trying to get the jingle paws off.  I reckon there's only so much humiliation a girl can handle.  

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