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Friday, December 21, 2012

Update to Congress & Cliff

I've had a change of heart.  In my office (shower), I realized I hated wasting the Marine's time so here's my updated proposal to Congress.  Send all the male members home to take care of their kids, wrap all the presents, and cook, while running all the laundry for their family.  Their wives are off duty and just get to go play with their friends.  That's what their husbands do all day anyway.  Send all the female members to a beachy resort with Hillary and Oprah as their hosts.  All the women are immediately whisked off to the resort's spa, given robes, spa slippers, and jasmine tea.  After a hot mineral foot bath, they are then sent off for a massage.

Post massage, they meet in the spa's quiet area, to visit.  No business--just visit and girl talk.  Off to their facials.  Back to the quiet area and more calming teas.  Now they begin to talk fiscal cliff...guided by Oprah.  In thirty minutes or less, we have a deal, more spa services, and the rest of the weekend, to enjoy being women.  Friends are made.  Girl talk ensues for the rest of the weekend.  Fun is had.  The End.  Done deal.  And the guy members of Congress pay for it out of their own pocket books for being jerks.  Works for me.

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