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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Toddler Travelers

I'm so glad to be starting a new year, clean slate, and all that.  2012 wasn't a bad year--I'm just looking forward to new faces, new places, and lots more good coffee.  And speaking of coffee, as I drank mine this morning, a little pink coated visitor came over with her dad, to explore our yard.  Not sure what the attraction is but she likes to "adventure" around over here.  While we are on the subject of Claire, here's what happened yesterday.  I was sitting her at my computer, and kept hearing her voice.  I knew her dad had left to go walk their dog, and usually she goes, too.  Maybe it was too cold and wet for her yesterday--don't know.  So, on and on I hear her voice calling "Dadeee......Dadeee...".  Then it's quiet and she begins to call "Momeeee......Momeee".  This goes on for about 5-10 minutes, and then the tone of her voice changes.  I immediately jump up and look out the window to find her all alone standing in our front yard by one of the big trees, about to cry.  I ran out the front door and called to her....I didn't want to just run grab her for fear I'd scare her even more.

When I called her name, she looked at me relieved that I knew her, and starts walking towards me with her arms out.  I scooped up that baby chile' and hugged her to pieces, while we walked over to her house.  Her front door was w-i-d-e open and her mom had no clue she'd opened the door herself, and gone out.  Claire was in her footie pj's, no coat, and her little feet were wet and her body was cold, but otherwise, she was all smiley. 

Her mom was unglued until I told her, laughing, the same thing had happened to me with Benji.  He was outside with Bruce and me, and each of us thought the other one had him, until a lady from the church came marching over asking if we'd "lost" a toddler.  Benji had crossed a busy street, in diapers, a t-shirt and tennies, and just gone over to see what was shakin' at the church baseball game.  I liketa died.

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