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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yawn, stretch...

Does a morning get any better than this?  The birds are singing right outside my window, the sun is streaming in, and I slept like Harry with his piddows.  (See previous post)  My coffee is hot, Sister is snoozing away all warm and toasty in her bed and life is just

We had one minor miscalculation last night when the guys delivered the bed.  I forgot to run in and put the bed skirt between the mattress and box so Brian and Bruce helped me get it on.  A bit of a wrestling match but it's all on and looks lovely.  Brian was laughing watching his Dad punch on the mattress to break up the material underneath.  He knows once his Dad starts doing it, he won't stop, so we both had to make him quit.  There's always just one more place that needs punching.  Three of us over here are all a little OCD (I can't speak for Benji) so it's become a LOL eye roll kind of thing when any one of us gets started doing our thing.  I swanney...I don't know why people have such issues around admitting to themselves and others, that they have some little "issues".  To me, that's the part that makes us all who we are and wonderful....perfectly imperfect people.  I'd LOTS rather laugh than get freaked out over something I can't fix and is part of my DNA.  We don't comb fringe on pillows or vacuum in a pattern but I do like to mow a certain way.  :) 

On a naughty note, I got a call yesterday afternoon from the first gal I spoke with about mattresses at another store.  As I think I said earlier, she didn't really seem all that interested in my bidness' so I went elsewhere.  When she called, I told her I'd already purchased a mattress and she wanted to know where.  Then she wanted to know if it was under my name and I asked her "Why do you ask?" knowing in my gut why she was asking.  (Had she not been pushy and inappropriate I don't think my alarm system would have gone off in my head.)  She replied that "she wanted to be sure I'd gotten the best deal possible" and I assured her I was very happy with the deal I'd gotten and never gave her the information she was requesting.  I may be way off base here but I had the feeling she was going to call over and try to undercut the sale of my salesperson, claiming I was somehow her customer first.  NOT.  Sleazy, no?  I plan to call over to our store and speak with the Manager today at noon to be sure this does not happen.  I will flat go to the mattress over this one. 

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