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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arvella and Eva Lou

It's weird what you forget until you see a picture of someone and then it all comes rushing back, deep from within your subconscious mind.  Above is a picture of me with Arvella and Eva Lou, our two housekeepers from childhood.  We were at my grandparents house at White Rock and I can almost smell the snuff Arvella used to dip, but that's not the memory that surprised me.  It was that Eva Lou's uniform was always gaping open and missing a button.  Why in this world I would remember that, I have no clue but this picture sure tells the tale as to why I was always terrified of Eva Lou.  I don't think she ever smiled in her entire life and she once held me over the washing machine with the top open and the agitator going, telling me she was gonna drop me in, because I wasn't behaving.   If I hadn't told my mother on her she just might have done it, too. The happiest day of my life was the day she quit working for us to go to Nursing school.  She was just flat meaner than a snake.  Smart maybe, but m-e-a-n.  Arvella was my favorite and this is the only picture I have of her.  Lordy, lordy....I loved her.  Even with the snuff.

My sister and I crack up when one of us mentions about how mom used to tell us that "raising children was the best job in the world and how much she loved it".  Whaaaat?  She had two maids everyday when we were little--no wonder she has such great memories of our childhood.

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