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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Whoa.  Last night's Downton Abbey did not disappoint but it did depress.  If you need a quick rehash, check out MSNBC's version.  I will say old Julian Fellowes sure does know how to plot twist....and if someone else will hold Lady Mary, I'll give her a good whack.  Since Matthew is leaving at the end of this season, I can sure see why, and Mr. Fellowes, puhleeeese do not give Lady Mary that sweet baby girl to raise.  That would be like giving a snake a baby chick.

I'm really starting to like Lady Edith for her pluck even though she does play the victim quite a bit.  I guess when you get dumped at the altar one week, it would be a little hard to be over it by the next week.  And that really is her character's role after all.  

I'm thinking we've seen the last of Tom.  He's going to leave the baby with the Crawley's to raise and he's going back to Ireland to ultimately be caught, thrown into prison, and reappear later when his daughter is grown, in time to destroy her reputation and a suitable match in marriage.

Sir Robert is a dufus-- and Lady Cora is going to continue her slow burn at him for "killing my baby". are toast.  Standby for some new ladies maids to begin working at Downton, if you get my drift.

Claire just walked by on her way to MDO, cuter than anything on two legs.  I had to restrain myself from running outside for a hug and kiss.  She was yakking the whole way so I know she was talking about last night's DA.  My kind of gal.

Lastly, Happy Birthday, Bruce!!  HAPPY 60th!!   

(I couldn't resist--he's really 59.)

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