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Friday, January 11, 2013

Privacy on FB...Nah

I just saw on FB, again, a list of all this crappage' (french pronunciation) you are to do to keep your FB stuff private.  I'm totally on board with the privacy part--but the list of hoops to jump through is a bit daunting.  First you bow and face Mecca, clicking your heels twice in ruby red slippers, while rubbing your rabbit's foot, patting your head and rubbing your stomach, while drinking a glass of water upside down.  Seriously?  I am old.  I can't follow a long laundry list of steps to take, without printing the damn list off first.  Two or three steps, maybe, and they have to be easy and something I already know on my computer, otherwise it just ain't gonna happen. 

I think if you are on FB, the idea of privacy sounds good but is a pipe dream.  Anything that bills itself as a social network, by description, has no scruples about about floating your stuff all over cyber space, so your best bet is, don't post anything you don't want God and everybody knowing.  Otherwise, we're gonna be all up in yer' bidness.

And...that's just how I see it, baby.

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