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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Harry's piddows

Busy day and lots going on.  After having a backache most the past month, I finally talked the Bossman  into going mattress shopping.  Halleluia, I'm going to sleep good tonight.  When the lady told him if we bought a certain brand we didn't need to replace it for at least 25-30 years, I knew we had him.  Then it was just a matter of which one felt the best.  Personally, the one Oprah sleeps on was way too firm for me so ours is a little squishier.  Bossman said he liked it and if we change our minds, we can try another one.  I am lovin' that and can hardly wait to jump on it when it arrives.

I had gone yesterday to snoop out some but just didn't feel the love at the store where I went.  As nice as the gal was, she just didn't seem to want my business all that much.  We went somewhere else today and Calley was wonderful.  She told us all kinds of stuff, threw in free delivery and special "piddows", that we each got to choose.  (The gal yesterday?  Uh, no.)   Now that's what I call service and it should be here in a few hours.  Oh, yeah, baby...  Calley even locked into our order that should we at anytime want to add the old people "sit up motor" to ours, we can get it at a certain amount off, since it's on sale now.  I knew Bossman would never go for that....he liked it all right but it was way too geriatric and depressing for him.  Me?  I'd have bought that sucker it in a heartbeat and been putting my feet and my head up, tonight.  Men and their egos. Yawn.

We've stripped our old bed and washed and air dried the allergen protector zip thingy our old mattress slept in.  We can put it on our new one even though it doesn't need one.  If it fits, I may do it anyway just because I can.  If it's too much trouble, I'll punt that idea.  Picking out new "piddows" was a hoot--Calley told us that "men usually liked this one and women generally liked that one" but we were encouraged to try the feel of all of them.  Danged if she wasn't right.  Mine is a little softer and squishier than his (his feels like a surfboard to me) but his is good for side AND back sleepers, both of which he is.  Done deal.

For those not in the know, piddows are obviously pillows, but piddows are an old family funny from my nephew, Harry.  When Hairball was a toddler, he was in love with his baby piddows and carried them everywhere.  They were his buddies, and were occasionally pressed into service for a "piddow pight" and to beat the tarnation out of his older brother, Dallas.  Funniest thing I've ever seen.  Still makes me laugh to think about it.  Harry and his piddows.....

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