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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yay!  January 10th.  The official first day of Spring.  Not.  But I'm going to pretend like it is because I want to.  The sun is out for the first time in days and I'm ready for green grass, beautiful flowers, red bud trees, and chirping little animals.  I get bored with the same weather for several days, so I think today is just going to be Pretend Spring.  At least for a little while anyway.  Sis and I are going to take a walk and I may go get myself some pretty flowers and put them around the house.  I think I'll get some for mom, too. 

Is anyone other than me hooked on watching Nashville?  I am so loving that show and if you need a fun show with great music, it's a good one to watch.  There are so many snakes in that show it's hard to keep them all straight.  Ditto Scandal, which is on tonight.  Love, sex, greed, and people so diabolically controlling, it's just a real slice of life to watch.  If you want to see people just bein' people, watch one of these and just have ya some fun.

Now, I want to chat about the word ambivalence--simultaneous or contradictory feelings felt at the same time-- according to Webster's.. Man...I do that.  I do that about pie, bathing Sis, exercise, people, situations-- and all kinds of stuff.  It's not bad or wrong.  It just is.  I think that's how lots of things are in my world....and I think for me sometimes it's really confusing.  It makes me not know which way to turn or what to do, until I sit in it for awhile.  Sometimes I have to journal about what ever it is that's bothering until I can see it all clearly, and putting it on paper has been a huge assist for me personally.  Getting crap out of my head and on paper somehow puts whatever it is in it's proper perspective and shrinks it down to it's real size.  Sometimes it's still a big deal and sometimes it's not --it may just feel BIG in my head. Feeling big and actually being big, are two entirely different things.  Can you relate?

Sis says to tell you that she's having a bath tonight come hell or high water and we've already had high water.  Uh, oh.  I hope her dad is reading this.

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