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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter thoughts

Winter.  I love it.  Some people don't but to me there's nothing better than what Winter is all about.  It's for resting.  The trees, plants, bushes are all "resting", as are the fields, grass, and other plants.  Winter is for reflection.  It's a chance to take stock, assess, make gentle plans for new changes.  Winter is about reading, relaxing, rejuvenating, re-charging so that when Spring rolls around, your batteries aren't low.  I'm a big believer in the natural rhythms of the seasons and I would find it really hard to live somewhere where it's one season most of the time--hot or cold.  I need the change in order to be able to.......change.

I like going to the front hall closet and pulling out a coat.  I forget what coats I have if I don't get to wear them.  I enjoy building fires in the fireplace, making soups for dinner, and snuggling with Sister.  I love attempting to expand my brain by reading, studying, opening my mind to new ideas and learning.  I enjoy looking at the spare elegant trees, bare in their simplicity.  I can usually only see the squirrel and birds nest at this time of year, since they are usually covered by tree's leaves.

Right now the birds out front are bathing in the accumulated water by the curb.  That water must be icy but they are still bathing and flapping, if not for very long.  Beyond their occasional chirping, it's quiet--not the usual hustle and bustle and noise out front.  Winter is quiet, gentle, noiseless.  Savor it. 

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