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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brothers and Sisters

Yesterday afternoon, I saw the sweetest thing ever as I sat in line to turn left.  I was across the street from Coffee Park and I saw two brothers skateboarding--one older (12?), one younger(7?)-- only that wasn't the best part. They were on the same skateboard together, the little brother facing the big brother with his arms wrapped the big brother's waist, as the big brother guided them zooming along.  It was so sweet I could hardly stand it.  With school out yesterday, the park was loaded with kids and seeing these two just made bust out in a big old grin.  I can still see them both in my head and it just gasses me.

I ran by this afternoon to see mom and for the first time, I don't think she knew who I was.  It didn't kill me like I thought it might--I just got pictures and showed her who I was, and then tried to be as comforting and fun as I could.  Then later, she said my name so I guess my monologue got her back on track. 

I told her about seeing the "Smalls" yesterday since it was Had's 5th birthday and how I'd gone by with her present only to have Avery come walking out, naked as a jaybird and wet, after taking a bubble bath.  That girl loves her some water....  It made mom laugh so at least she was entertained.  I told mom   Hadley shared some of her Disney lip smackers  with Avery, but the little girl, fake, press on nails with the decorations on them were a no share, no how, no way, ain't gonna happen 'cause it's my birthday so back off sister-girl, and that's how it went down.  Luckily, about the same time Avery got cold and needed clothes, so no one died over the fake nails.  I will say that had I known they would have been so much fun, I'd have bought two.  Oh, well......girls just wanna be girls. 

I told mom I hadn't seen Hudson since the party over here several weeks ago and it seemed like he'd grown another three inches. He had some kind of gel AND shave cream in his hair and I could have just eaten him.  He smelled wonderful. All three of them just wow me no end and they always provide great fodder to entertain mom with.  She loves hearing about them and I can sure understand why. 

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