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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bucky Beaver and the China men

Over the weekend, my sister burned me a CD of all the family pictures she's been collecting for a few years.  Once I got it, I proceeded to try to add them to my stash.  Long story short, once Brian and I figured out how to make a Mac program and a Windows program talk, we screamed over each picture as I opened it.  I had an opportunity to tell him things I remembered about some of the pictures and the people in them.  I'll be sharing some of them because they are just too funny not to.

One particular picture of my sister as a tee tiny little girl, had Brian and I rolling.  I don't think I'd ever seen her with her "Bucky Beaver" front teeth, since she later knocked them hard enough to turn them a lovely shade of gray, and they ultimately fell out.  That's what happens when you jump up and down on the bed.  Seeing this picture was a real eye opener. Brian and I weren't even positive it was her at first, since those two front teeth were just enormous for a small little gal.  Her sandals and socks are a real fashion statement of their own.  OOO, la la.

 It was made at Coon Creek with the man that ran the ice house, where you took your catch to have it cleaned and packed in ice to take home.  I don't think for a second they caught those fish, though.  Some of those are big enough to have pulled them both in the water. 

As a result of these pic's, I've been stuck in my own personal reverie of the past, and remembering people, places, smells, rooms, furniture, and doo-dads from my grandparents house at White Rock.  Just yesterday I called my sister and asked her if she remembered these two porcelain China men (I know that's not PC but it's the only way I could describe them to her) that sat cross legged on either side of my Mimi's piano at White Rock.  My sister yelled "Hell, yes, I remember them!  I have them--packed away some where!!"  The men's hands and head were movable and if you taped them gently, you could get all three bobbing up and down at different rates of speed.  Faaaaahbulous entertainment for two pesky little girls.

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