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Sunday, January 13, 2013


There are several projects going on here today.  My chili making assistant just went AWOL after I let her have a little bit of the plain, cooked, burger meat on top of her other food.  She is a lousy assistant anyway so that's nothing new.  She eats lunch and then quits.  You just can't get good help anymore.  I ended up not making chili yesterday because the meat wasn't totally thawed and because a nap sounded like a much better idea.  It was rainy and you have to take a nap when it rains.  It's the law.

Outside, prior to my chili making, I was assisting with the unloading and re-loading of our wood onto a new wood rack we received as a Christmas gift.  A certain someone around here made a boogered up one years ago that's sagging in all the wrong places--hence this lovely gift.  Anywho, I bundled up and began filling up the wood ring by the back door first.  Then I moved on to helping with the second phase.  As usual, Mr. I am in Charge Here was making an otherwise easy job, 50X harder than it needed to be.  I made a simple suggestion, he poo-pooed it, only for me to find minutes later he was doing what I'd told him to do in the first place.  I just looked at him and laughed.

He blew in the back door a few minutes ago to be sure I was still making chili and I'm really thinking he was  wanting his assistant back--the real brains of this operation.  I handed him a big glass of water and told him to please drink it, since he forgets to drink water when he works.  I am now coating and gloving back up to go determine if my help is actually required, while the chili snoozes in the kitchen.  Nobody makes me laugh harder than he does except maybe Sister.

Sweet Juan and his band of yard guys came yesterday as promised and had just started to move the leaf bags when the sky opened up on them.  Their trash bag raincoats were no match for the deluge so they jumped back in Juan's van to wait for a break in the rain.  It finally let up, out they jumped, and the pile of bags is now waiting for the pick up guys in the morning.  Muchas gracias, Juan!

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