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Sunday, January 6, 2013 make me barf

I am at a total loss here.  I read yesterday where Lance Armstrong is considering admitting to the doping allegations--the same allegations that have generally proven he doped.  Why in the hell would it matter to anybody if he admits it or not?  The article said he was hoping it would lift the ban on him participating in any future Olympic competitions.  Whaaaaat?  Dude...are you nuts?  If you doped, denied it repeatedly for years, and finally were proven to have done it, why do you think we'd ever want to see or hear from you again?  You may want to compete again, but in my world, actions have consequences.

 You screw up, you are human.  You lie about it, deny it over and over again, you're still human, but very dumb.  To want me to give you the chance to do it all again, now you're freaking crazy.  I don't trust you and you've shown me zero to suggest or support your willingness to take responsibility for your actions or atone for your misdeeds.  You just want to cut a deal for yourself. You aren't sorry for what you did.  You're just sorry you got caught.  Had you owned your mistake, apologized, gone away and shown some kind of remorse, maybe.  But you didn't.

 Knock...knock...Lance. Go away.  Not interested. 

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