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Monday, January 14, 2013

Last Night's low down

If you missed Downton Abbey last night in favor of the Golden Globes well, poor you.  What were you thinking?  DA did not disappoint and here's a quick wrap up:

1) Daisy, the kitchen maid, has the hots for the new footman--O'Brien's nephew.
2) O'Brien and Thomas are still at it and O'Brien told Thomas last night she's going to get him after getting her in trouble with her Ladyship.  If I were him, I'd sleep with one eye open from now on.
3) Anna and Mr. Bates are making slow progress finding out who really killed the former Ms. Bates or if she committed suicide.  Bates was almost framed in the clink but a friend tipped him off to check his bed, and he did.  Whew.
4) Lady Mary pinched the letter from Lavinia's dad that essentially let's Matthew off the hook of feeling guilty.  He was not going to read it.  When Matthew thought it was a forgery, Mary found out that Daisy had posted the letter for Lavinia the same day she died.  Hence, Matthew can now keep all the money, not feel guilty, and save DA.  Can I get an amen on that?  Meanwhile, the family had been to look at less suitable lodgings and found them wanting.  How do you spell relief?
5) Oh, Lordy....Lady Edith.  In short, she got dumped, at the altar, by Lord Strallan in front of the entire village and a church full of friends and family.  Talk about getting smacked by the bad luck wagon.  Dude....could you not have spared her that embarrassment and at least canceled the wedding privately?  Nah...we needed the drama.  I figure now that the money is flowing again, they'll pack Lady Lydia off to America to her grandmother to find a husband and to have some roaring twenties fun.  That would make for some great TV.  There's no way she can show her face in that town anytime soon, and now Lord Strallan is persona non grata everywhere.  Somebody ought to accidentally shoot him.

Storm clouds appear to be brewing for next weeks show.   I can hardly wait.

I had an early morning visit from my sweet small fry, Avery, and her mom.  They were on their way to an appointment and stopped by to say hi.  I ran out front to meet them and had my coffee cup with all three of them pictured on it and Avery looked at me and said "That's Hudson".  When I showed her the picture of her, I'm not sure she recognized herself.  She was a lot younger so that makes sense. Plus, it's hard to recognize yourself when you're only three.  Avery told me she was having "a Tangled birthday party" with Hadley, or at least that's what I heard.  I looked at her mom and found out that Tangled (?) is a modern day Rapunzel.  Oh,  sure...I knew that.  Huh???  

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