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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, sweet!

To get everyone's day started off right, I thought I'd share what arrived in yesterday's mail.  I swooned when I opened it up.  Yep...a birthday thank you note from Hadley.  My sister sent me a pic of hers, too, and I just melted.  Is there anything sweeter than a five year old's thank you note, with hearts?? 

For those not in the know, I am AC--Aunt Caroline.  I gave her lipsticks, make up, and nails ( the fakeo press on kind for little girls) and it's all right there.  Great job, Hadley!!!  If she wasn't already at school this morning I'd drive over there and kiss her.  What a lovebird.

On another topic, Sis's dad forgot to shut the doggie door out of the kitchen last night when he put her to bed so that meant a certain girl waited for him to go to sleep (15 seconds max) and then came back and got in her bed in our room.  Apparently without a certain level of structure, someone goes a little crazy and at 4:30 AM, decided it was not only time to go outside but time to get in our bed, too.  Since I got up to turn off lights at 1 AM, I poked him to deal with her.  Not my deal, dude.  As a result, Sis is now snoozing and I anticipate not seeing a whole lot of her today.  Too much freedom does bad things to some people-dogs. 

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