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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm head bangin'

Today I'm just frustrated.  The world's not spinning the way I think it should and people aren't doing --whatever it is--my way.  I feel like a toddler.  Even Sis isn't doing it right....she won't go on a walk with me.  She wants to snooze in the sun in her bed and I get does look rather delicious...but I just want her to do what I want her to do.  Like that'll ever happen.

When everything in the world is bugging me, clearly the problem is with me.  I guess I need to figure out whether I need a nap, something to eat, what's really going on underneath my frustration, if I'm lonely (I'm not) or what I'm mad about.  Bingo.

What I want right now are the answers to several important questions I have and it's simply not time for the answers yet.  Why?  Because it's just not.  But I still want the answers because I just want to know what ultimately happens and how things work out.  When I get wrapped around my own axle, the best thing for me is to just go get busy doing something else.  Preferably something that involves helping someone else.  That, or go take a nap and get over my Big Girl Pull Ups Wearing Toddler Acting Self. 

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