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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teeth, again

Today we've got to talk about teeth.  Why?  Well, because have you noticed everyone in Hollywood has the same teeth?  Seriously, they do.  Do they all have the same dentist?  Is there a dentist to the stars or just the same company that manufactures all those "rims"?

At the Golden Globes, for instance.  Everybody's teeth were the exact same super white.  That's not bleach, folks.  That's thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of veneers.  Maybe when you are just starting out as an actor you bleach or worse yet, go the snap on teeth route, but bleaching makes your teeth sensitive and snap on' we even need to discuss that?   Or the flipper teeth?  Those are handy for entertaining little kids but beyond that, how do you eat?  You know corn on the cobs definitely off the list as is chewy caramel, taffy, gum....  Honey, that flipper or those snap on's are never gonna make it through any of  that.  You'd better stick to old people food if that's what's in your mouth. Teeth.  Just another of life's little mysteries.

A fat girl is in the den as we speak, chewing one of the "breath" chew bones we give her.  While her breath is actually not that bad, she heard me getting something in the pantry that sounds exactly like the bag her bones come in so nothing would do but she had to have one.  I'm good with that.  It's cold, a little dreary, and she needs something fun to do so a bone works just fine for me.  She took it back to her bed and is happily gnawing away.  Life is so simple when you are a dog.  Too bad she can't read.

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