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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance--my personal pinata

I'm not "mesmerized or riveted" by Lance Armstrong's recent partial admissions of doping, like Oprah seems to be.  Granted, I haven't seen her show yet and I suspect that's just to generate interest so people will watch.  What I am is, pissed.  I am pissed that Lance Armstrong is not only a liar, but a bully.  He bullied team mates into keeping quiet, threatened their wives and families, and countless others who threatened "to tell".  He destroyed other honest cyclists attempts to win by cheating and then lying, and then lying some more, when everyone knew he was lying.  Talk about sick.

To me, that smacks of someone who is a sociopath and I have my own definition of what that means. For me, that means someone who has no regard for the well being of others, lacks the genuine ability to care or see how their actions have hurt and impacted others.  In other words, they are a narcissist who feels that whatever they do is OK.  Any rules do not apply to them.  The ends justify the means. 

Which brings me to bullying.  We all know what that is and the devastating effects it has on kids and adults.  Bullying is simply not acceptable and I think that's what makes me madder than anything about this whole situation.  Lance, you've lied, cheated, bullied-- and heaven only knows what else-- that's some path of lasting damage you've left behind. 

Mr. Armstrong, you simply DO NOT get it.  No stepping forward with a partial and personal accountability statement so that you can ride again in competition, is going to wipe your slate clean.'s all about YOU and what YOU want.  What about the people you've hurt?  What about the crummy example you've set for kids and fans of cycling?  Go look up the definition of sociopath, narcissist, and bully and don't be surprised if you find your picture there. 

As I said in an earlier post, just go away.  Get in therapy and find out why you chose to do what you've done and then go clean it up with the people you've hurt.  Do it out of the spotlight and do it for yourself.   Otherwise, you'll do it again.  Get the lesson this time so you don't have to keep repeating it. 

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