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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Bride!!

Equal time for my OTHER niece, Kelly, whose wedding was here in Dallas, the same night as Suzanne's.  Since Bruce and I have not perfected the art of cloning ourselves, we couldn't do both.  But get a load of this beautiful gal!! 

With two older sisters who are brunette, Kelly represents more of the Harris side of the clan.  She fits right in with the coloring on our team, though she's tall like the McCartin side.  Her husband, Tanner, is brunette and here's a shot of them, sealing the deal.
 They have so many beautiful pictures on FB that it was almost impossible to choose what to post here.  Egads....ain't nothing I like better than a wedding, except maybe pie.  Here's a shot of the cocktail area as the guests came into Brook Hollow, before going inside.

   I hope I am getting all of this correct.  I'll see my SIL, Margie, Kelly's mom, tomorrow at the Farm, so I'll have far more scoopage to report after that.  Since we weren't there, I am essentially winging it.  I know this much because of my coffee clatches with Margie, prior to the big event.

This one needs no explanation.  It's Kelly and her two sister, Megan and Daley.  See...I told you they were brunettes.

And lastly, bar none, my most favorite picture of ALL.  As many pictures as possible were made prior to the wedding, and this one is the moment Tanner sees Kelly, for the first time.  So sweet it gives me the chills.  Get a load of his FACE.  Love it.


Happy Turkey Day to ALL tomorrow.  Stay safe.

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