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Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!

What a great way to start a is Andrea's (our DIL's) Birthday!!!!  Yay, Birthday Girl.  Hope this is a great one!  This pic is from the morning of the wedding on their way into the Blue Grotto, with Erin and Cameron McBride's arm, in the background. memories!

Plus, I just saw Claire dressed in a multi colored striped sweater and white leggings, on her way to Mother's Day out.  Her hair was in one of those little rubber band things on top of her head and it took everything I had not to run out the front door and kiss her!  She was walking with her wonderful housekeeper, who was carrying Claire's lunch in a little girly lunchbox, and it just made me laugh.  Two girls...Andrea and cup runneth over with girls!!   Ahhhh.....drowning in pink and loving it.

Now, on to the weekend.  We plan to make another run up to the Farm to drop off a few things like a new oven rack that arrived yesterday, some more foil for Thanksgiving, and to check out the caretaker's house for needed repairs.  I know you are wondering about that oven rack comment and all I can say is, one of the rack's mysteriously disappeared several months back.  Bruce and I concurred that if we were to have to bet on this, somehow Benji's Harris's name might come up as part of that mystery, but so far, he has remained mum on the subject.  Hmmm....

Next week I'll be blogging about the upcoming Fairy Princess Party that will occur next weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas, otherwise known as my niece, Suzanne's wedding.  You may or may not remember that all three of the smalls--Hudson, Hadley, and Avery are all three in the wedding, and since Avery could not grasp what a wedding was, Aunt SuSu just told her "it's a Fairy Princess party and you get to wear a FP dress".  Bingo.  Avery was all over it.  According to my sister, their flower girl dresses with the lace from mom's wedding dress, are enough to bring tears to your eyes.  Not to mention their little ecru ballet slippers.  I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.  More on that later.

 My other niece, Kelly, will be tying the knot the very same night, here in Dallas.  Since we won't be there, I'll have to wait to see pic's of it afterwards.  Stay tuned.

Happy weekend to all.  Since mine always seems to go way too fast, enjoy yours.

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