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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cloudy 'um

Gosh, I love cloudy days when you are up early and can enjoy the snuggliness of them.  Even if you have to get dressed, there's just something cozy about them. My personal preference is always pj's but sometimes those don't work in public, unless you are a slouchy guy with bedhead.

 I had to get out early this morning to have labs drawn for a doctors appointment next week and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be to fly opposite the traffic.  If I had to sit in traffic for hours everyday I'd have to change jobs.  Creeping along is just not in my repertoire of activities I could do daily, and remain sane. 

 Today I plan to do errands and cook a little, since I'm taking dinner to Claire's family tonight.  Yesterday I saw Claire with her mom and baby brother, John, out front, on her return from Mother's Day Out.  She continues to just get cuter and funnier and I am more grateful everyday for their family moving in next door.  Little people add so much to a neighborhood.  I think a lot of having small fries around makes me stroll down memory lane with my own boys, and remember the stuff they did.  Big wheel bike washes, climbing and swinging on the rope swing, and jumping in the leaves were big activities, not to mention fighting.  The good news about boys is, they fight, punches get thrown, and it's over.  Girls??  Not so much.  They punish you for days.  That's just part of our brilliance.  We drag out the drama.

And now for the block scoop:  no animal sightings lately and that has me worried.  I think Mary's bunny has moved on to roomier digs since it's been a good while since we've seen him.  I can't stand the thought of him being the little red fox's lunch.  The dove continue to be plentiful in the alley, but since Fred was threatened with a call to the Po-Po's, he's had to curtail his alley hunting.  Naturally, I laughed my you know what off when he got himself in the dog house-- being the supportive wife that you know I am. sympathy here, even though that does cut into my dove dinners.

As Sis snoozes in the white chair, covered by her red fleece blanket, I think what a gas it would be to be her.  If she could just read, she'd have it made. 

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