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Sunday, November 25, 2012

When in doubt, freeze

Left overs...oy, vey.  There's just not a lot of ways to dress them up if you don't like them, so my theory is to freeze them if you can.  Brian and Benji....quit laughing.  They always say I freeze EVERYTHING and I sort of do.  I figure if I can't think of something to do with them, awww, hell....just freeze 'um.  On some cold night, pulling those out of the freezer earlier in the day is bound to 1) make life easier 2) taste pretty good after the initial "I never want to see turkey again" has worn off.  I don't think you can freeze gravy--maybe you can--but I'm thinking the gelatinous looking mess after it thaws would render it totally trash worthy, if not gag worthy.  Just make some or get that gravy starter stuff from William-Sonoma.  Or, heaven forbid, go gravy less but I think that might be against the law.  I'm pretty sure it is in the South.

There was a  a little drama over TG--Benji and Andrea's best gal pal, Erin, arranged to have Erin and her BF drive to Nash to surprise Andrea for TG, and surprise her they did!!  Benji videoed it and sent it to me, and it was hilarious.  I just love girls screaming and hugging, while a guy (Erin's BF) just stands there wondering what in the hell to do with himself.  Then Benji's wedding ring flew off during a game of football that afternoon, and necessitated the rental of a metal detector on Friday, and luckily was quickly found by Erin and her BF.  Unfortunately, Benji had to hit the road out of town to play with Scarletta and Andrea had to work, so Erin and her BF got the job. What a save by good friends.  Thank you, Erin and BF!

Believe it or not, there's more.  Erin's grandfather was hospitalized in ICU in North Carolina, so she and BF hit the road Saturday to go be with her grandmother, until the rest of the family could get there by air.  He was not doing well at all last night so I'm praying things are better today.  I'm sure this will be a Thanksgiving none of them will forget for awhile. Yikes.

That aside, our TG was lovely, I feel blessed beyond belief and all is well.  Hope it was a superb day for all of you and in the event it wasn't, just remember, it was just lunch. And, you don't have to do it again for another year.  :)

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