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Sunday, November 18, 2012

SuSu ties the knot

What a whirlwind weekend and what a gorgeous, fun wedding.  My sister should go into business although I think she'd slit her wrists first.  One of these was probably enough for her but boy, can she do it in spades.  Admittedly, she got loads of help from her Freddysburg gal pals and her best friends on the planet, Ann and Alice.  They were her extra hands, and idea gals for F-burg vendors, helped do the gift bags, bridesmaids luncheon food, and I'm quite sure were part time therapists during all the planning, and the wedding week itself. Word on the street is that the new bride and groom were intimately involved in all aspects of their wedding, and it showed. 

There were so many fun parts I almost don't know where to start.  At the rehearsal, a dog came by to assist at the outdoor wedding venue and be sure everyone knew their part, and hit their mark.  Then at the wedding, the resident cat came over as wedding guests were seated, and though Bruce and I loved him, a few others gave him the not so subtle hook.  From the candle lit lanterns, the ribbon hanging tea lights in Mason jars hanging from the trees, the beautiful clear containers holding flowers also hanging from ribbon in the trees, to the spectacular tree hanging chandy's, all was outdoor Hill Country chic and divine.  While there was no actual altar, instead there was a gold, gilt, free standing cross, that was as tall or taller than me.  Spectacular to say the least.  Chairs on either side of the aisle were flanked by candle lit lanterns, to form an aisle for the bridesmaids and bride.   

The bridesmaids were all beautiful and carried the most purrrfect flowers ever, but truthfully, nothing quite held my attention, like the bride and her groom, and her smalls.  (Above is Suzanne and her dad)  The two Fairy Princess flower girls both had a pre-wedding moment, and decided nothing short of a tractor was going to drag them down the aisle, so big brother Hudson, the ring bearer, was asked if he would walk with them.  Thank the good Lord for first graders, as they are game for just about anything, and as long as Hudson was all in, the girls were, too.  Seeing the three of them walk down the aisle together just almost made me hoot out laughing.  Never have they looked more adorable, or more ready to rumble.  SuSu's dress was absolutely her to a T and watching her and Jason look at each other, was over the top tear inducing.  Never mind they've been together for seven years, they are the real deal.                 

 Now for the ceremony.  While the minister told us all about Suzzane and Jason's long courtship, I was having a hard time concentrating on the real stars of the evening, due to two others.  Avery decided she wanted to sit right next to Hudson and that's when the I could see the handwriting on the wall.  Avery leaned over and picked a berry off of his boutonniere and kept trying to feed it to him.  Nicole, Bruce, and I were trying not to laugh as she kept at it, giggling.  Hudon was PERFECT--which made us laugh harder.  Avery amped it up a notch, and their dad turned around and told HUDSON to stop.  Now Avery's really got him...she's still at it and she's getting him in trouble, all at the same time.  Every little sister's dream.  Luckily, the Big Kiss was upon us, the new Mr. and Mrs. were announced, and off we all went for drinks and hor de ouvers, dinner, and dancing.  More on this later.  My sides hurt from laughing.

Nite, nite, to all.

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