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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend wrap up

What a weekend.  We attended a great party, had a dismal tour of the farm caretaker's house, swept (I use the term loosely) all of the porches in a gale force wind, and put away supplies for the big house in prep for Thanksgiving.  I also had a wild hair and decided to "sweep" all of the doors, screens, and around the front of the house to remove all of the cobwebs and insects.  Not one of my better ideas since most of it ended up in my hair or face, thanks to the gusts of wind.  Yes, I could have stopped but once I get locked onto a course of action, and can see a difference, I'm all in.  I gotta finish it or go down swinging.  With a broom.  And I did.  Go down swinging. 

A certain someone just ran in here, post bath, looking as sleek and shiny as a new car.  Considering she rode on the 4 wheeler yesterday all over with her dad, and ate crickets and grasshoppers du jour in the pasture, a bath was a really great idea.  And speaking of baths, Bruce's brother John's dogs will probably need one before heading home today.  Two out of three of his made a run for the tank and lept in, and came out with grass and crud all over them.  His one girl dog was a lady, and did not indulge.  It made me so grateful Sis is not a water girl.  She hates the stuff. 

We are heading in to wedding week so I doubt I'll be blogging after Wednesday, until we return.  My sister texted me a pic of the flower girl's dresses, with lace from mom's dress, and they are swoon worthy.  I won't post pic's until after the wedding because I might get in trouble if I do.  Plus, then I'll have actual bodies in them which undoubtedly will make them even cuter. 

My chores are done, I'm pooped, time for a nap.  Z-Z-Z to all.

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