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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Get It On...the wedding that is

Tires.  What a whippin'.  Sunday afternoon I glanced at my front left tire and realized it was bald, as in almost zero tread from the outside edge in, for about 2 inches.  Here I have driven back and forth to the Farm and all over Dallas, with skidders.  Three new tires later my ride is now 3x safer.  Word to other ladies out there?  Take a look-see at yours, and while I could have bought a nice pair of Choo's for what those tires cost, I'd rather have the tires anyway.  The Choo's would have killed my feet and I'd have fallen off them for sure.

 Tomorrow is blast off for "Freddysburg" and all things wedding.   The things I am to bring down for my sister were delivered today and dang....I just hope there is room in the car for moi'.  According to my sister, some of our family members will be heading out tomorrow also, so we'll be tag teaming on the highway.  A certain someone will be left here at home with one of her very favorite people staying here with her.  She simply doesn't do the Vet.  Oh, no.  Not her.  Her parents won't let her stay there because: 1) it's just too stressful and 2) ALL THOSE OTHER DOGS BARK TOO MUCH.  Seriously.....they do and then you get kennel cough and it's just not worth it.  So, bad old Sis will be here, living large like Oprah, with her own critter sitter.  Some girls have all the luck.

I may try to blog from Wedding Central.  Let's get this party started!!  (The Hoffman Haus).

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