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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bucket List update

Best thing I've seen so far this morning:  A Weimaraner sticking it's head out of a car's sun roof, coming down Boedeker beside North Park.  Sis and I were on our way back from the bank to get Senora Maria's cash and there he or she came, sniffing that air and having a ball.  Since it's a mite chilly, Sis only had her head out the window, but I did get a great laugh over that dog. You'll get the feeling from this even though it's not the same dog. 

I've been aware for awhile that the list of things I wanted to do that I'd made prior to my Medical City retirement has all almost been achieved, in one form or another.  Yes, there are still a few things left, but I'm thinking it's time for me to sharpen my pencil and start another list.  A new Bucket List.  Some of the things scare me a little.  Or a lot.  Truth be told, I want to write a book-- but I don't know what to write about.  Now, if I'm a total cheese ball, I could just pick old posts from my blog, slap those in some sort of order, have some grammarian clean it all up, and send it out to Pub's.  But seriously, who's gonna option my drivel....but that's exactly who I am, and I'm not willing to change a whole lot of that......unless the check they hand me had loads of zero's.  Then I might be negotiable....maybe....not even sure that would do it.  And let's get real here..... I'm not exactly J. K. Rowling.  If I'm 100 % honest, I think I'm afraid to put myself out there.  Rejection sucks.

Another thing I want to do is to build something, some where. A house or an addition to my current house...or not.  Not sure there either.  I have an idea in my head and pictures of what I think I'd want, but the problem there is you have to make decisions and decide exactly what you want and how you want it--and I'm not quite there yet.  The good news is, I don't have to do it at all unless I want to, and that's when and if, I get ready.  When and if I do get ready it will be fun to see what I decide.  Again, I think I'm afraid I might make a mistake.  Like anyone has ever built a perfect anything.  My perfectionism's got me by the ying yang.

I think the key here is to feel the fear and do it anyway.  So what if I don't get a book deal, or I end up building a dawg of a house.  I can always sell the damn house...or give it away.  Ouch...that hurt.

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