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Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 days and counting...

Well, we are finally here after somewhat of a tour of the countryside.  We missed a turn and went ninety miles out of the way but we rolled in before dark, and that's a good thing considering all the road kill deer along the way.  We hiked down E. Main to dinner and figured we'd just pick someplace along the  way.  
After lots of choices, we hit Bejas, and turned in.  No sooner did we enter and get seated, than a darling girl ambled over and as I looked up from my menu, I realized it was my niece, the bride to be!  She was there with her fiance' and his entire family and we visited with everyone on their way out.  We had dinner and on our way out, ran into my sister and her husband, eating on the front patio of Bejas.  Good Lord....of all the gin joints in town....but it was a restaurant....and I didn't see any gin...but you get the drift.

Now on to the other bride to be, Kelly.  While playing on my phone in the car, I texted my SIL, Margie, to check on both she and Kelly, only to find out Kelly is sick--fever, sore throat, and a whopper of a penicillin shot Tuesday to try to get her back on her feet by Friday night.  Typical wedding stuff, no?  Some stuff you just can't prevent.  Kelly works with germy little kids every day so no wonder she went under.  Germs and stress will take just about anybody down. 

Tomorrow is a shop-a-thon for me, and who knows what for my chauffeur.  Stay tuned--bound to be lots of fun stuff tomorrow, and Scandal is on TV.  If you aren't watching turn it on quick!

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