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Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding wrap up

If you want to see the best pic's, go to my FB page and look at Nicole's shots.  They are super and totally give you the gist and feel of the wedding.  While you are on FB, take a look at the pic of my other niece, Kelly's picture, with her two sisters.  Beautiful.

Now for the last of the funnies.  Hudson and Hadley dancing and Hudson doing The Sprinkler, the Shoot Out (pistol hands), and Lord knows what else some of his moves were called, but they brought down the entire place.  He and Had danced with GoGo, my sister, and just about anybody else who was willing to share the dance floor with them.  During breaks from dancing, they would eat a little, Hadley would come over to our table for a drink of water, and to lick the crystal water glasses on our table.  Not sure what that was about but she was having fun, so who cares.

I realized I waited too late to take a picture of the old restored shiny black truck that belonged to Jason's grandfather, that his dad, Ed, had restored and was used at Jason's sister, Shelly's, wedding.  It was towed all the way to F-burg from Mississippi, so Jason and Suzanne could drive away in it.  OMG....coolest truck ever and such a perfect photo op and get-away vehicle.  Never mind they were just going to leave, drive around the block and come right back.  When your friends and family have come from all over, and you are staying right there with everyone, why leave?  Just come on back and partay.

I must report on one of my favorite parts of the evening and if you didn't see it, you missed a fun entrance.  Jason's dad brought in their family's dog, who was some kind of spaniel--not a cocker--maybe a springer(?), on her leash, with her pale pink collar.  Unfortunately for her delicate ears, the band was wailing, so she didn't hang around long, but she did dance a little on her way out.  That's just the kind of wedding this, family, close friends, and animals...what else to you need?  And the band was the best ever.  Even old fifty something's and older, danced our feet off to the Motown tunes, and black lady singer.  When you can get me up and on the dance floor, you must be good.  I am a Motown soul sister at heart.

Lastly, on our way home, Nicole, the smalls momma, and I were texting each other back and forth about how fun the wedding had been, etc.  Since all of the wedding party stayed at the Hoffman House, Nicole told me that the older house they stayed in had....wait for it....a ghost.  Both she and Lidia had similar stories about banging noises in the night and wildnesses only a a ghost could could have pulled off.  My sister was then texted to ask the HH people if similar stories had ever been reported.  Oddly, Bruce had watched some show Saturday afternoon before the wedding, on ghosts, so the texts were flying back and forth from the highway as I passed on to Nic what he'd seen.  Which just goes to support my theory that there's always just somethin'.....ghost or otherwise.  :)))

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