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Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm so mad I could spit nickels in the street.  My computer picked Cyber Monday to take a nose dive and no matter what I do, she's not coming back up.  Personally, we've had a rather love hate relationship since she does this from time to time, and it irks the hell out of me when this happens.  Luckily I did all my cyber shopping yesterday, so I am good on that front.

Bruce and I had a soup making duel over the weekend to re-stock the freezer, and since I'm taking dinner tomorrow over to my next door neighbors, I figured that would be easy and tasty after TG.  He wanted to learn how to make vegetable soup--only he  wanted MEAT in his-- so he got a first hand view of how fun it is to chop til you drop.  He's actually a really good sous chef.  What weirds me out is when he wants to add really random stuff to something that's already fine as it is.  He figures if it's on the shelf, it must be OK, so throw it in.  This is also the same man who shot a squirrel in the  front yard and wanted to cook it in my kitchen.  See??  That's just wrong.

With that I'll close and let everyone get back to what's really important today.

 Checking FB.  :)))

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