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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello,'s me again

This occurred to me this morning as I did my quiet time.  (My quiet time is when I do my readings for the day and just tune into God, before I get my day going.)  In this season of giving, have I stopped to count my gifts?  No, not the ones you've bought or the ones left to get.  I'm referring to the ones I've been given.  And, no, not the material ones--the God given gifts of people, experiences and lessons learned, the opportunities, the angels that watch over me-- the people who have dropped into my life at just the right time, to assist me and accompany me on my life journey.

Today, take a minute and and make a list of all your gifts, and during this holiday season, make one daily, adding new and different gifts you've become aware of each day.  Thank Him.  Do this anytime of day but first thing in the morning, with your coffee, is my most favorite time.  Somehow my direct connection to God seems to be less staticky at that time.

Watch and see how this simple task impacts your thoughts and your attitude.  You will be amazed.  S-l-o-w down.  Be present.  Connect.  This is the real gift.

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