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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mystery of the Make up Artist--solved

Some girls have all the luck...chewing a steak bone outside in the sun on her own personal towel.  That's just pig-dog heaven if you ask me.  This is her second one and despite the fact that I took it outside before giving it to her, she still at least attempted to bring it back in immediately  via her doggie door, until I told her no.  She already knew...she just figured "oh, why not at least give it a shot".  Once it's all cleaned off she knows she can bring it in, but not while it's all greasy and meaty.  That's just a NO.

I think the Mystery of the Make up Artist who painted mom all up like a whorehouse madam has been solved.  Yesterday when I was there, I noticed the make up of mom's next door neighbor--the one who always comes over to visit mom and watch TV.  Yep...when I saw the application of her blush all over her face, I had a hint, but it was the black eyebrows a la' black eye pencil, that clinched it.   Yep....behold the make up artist.  And when I added up the fact that all of mom's make up had been "hidden" at the foot of her bed, under a blanket, that made perfect "dementia" sense.'s starting to scare me that I can figure out some of this stuff.  Like on some level I understand  a mind with dementia. That will wake you up in the night, let me just tell you. 

Mom's BFF next door is a hoot and a really fun lady, and since I know her daughter, it makes it even better.  They invited me next door yesterday to see BFF's room, and glory be, I have never seen so much stuff in all my 58 years on this planet!  She has paintings and framed photos all over every square inch of wall space, and her daughter says her mom keeps taking them off the wall--she even showed me a stack of  framed photos her mom had removed.  Well, yes.  The room was filled with furniture, a canopied four poster bed, and worlds of other stuff and it made me claustrophobic--you could barely walk around. wonder BFF wants to go next door to mom's.  It's simple and serene without a bunch of gee-gaws.  Mom would kill me if I put her in a room like that....I don't know how she'd do it, but she would.

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