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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yeah, baby

Yesterday I was chatting with my wise old owl friend about the current state of affairs of all this war on Birth Control.  We concluded that lots of these politicians were nothing more than insecure men who want to control women, and have woefully miscalculated that one big time.  They do not seem to grasp the fact that the hand that rocked their cradle, is about to rock their world.  I'm thinking the Republican candidates must not have any women advisors, because the candidates do not seem to get the memo.  Oh, that's right...women are supposed to be home pregnant, with all the kids.  That's where the women are...I forgot for a second.

Here is the memo, fellas:  All those lovely little ladies that you think are all going to vote for you and the fact that you want to set women back 100 years via access Birth Control, aren't.  They are going to nod their heads, be nice, and when they step in that voting booth, honey, they are going to blow your ass right out of the water.  They are going to vote for your opponent, who will treat them with the dignity, respect, and intelligence they deserve.  All those gray haired ladies remember what it was like not to have access to current day birth control and are going to come out swinging.  Ditto Gen X and Y.  Grandmothers, daughters, and grandaughters are going to line up at the polls, and send you right back where you belong-- and laugh while they do it.

Finally, mothers of sons, please do not raise them any differently than you do your daughters.  Do not amp up your sons self esteem, and not remember to tell your daughters the same thing-- that they can do anything in this wide world, and to go do it.  Tell them you is kind, you is smart, you is IMPORTANT.

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