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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My red headed friend, again

This is just too cool not to share.  Talk about six degrees of separation.  Unreal.  You know how I was gabbing yesterday about the gorgeous red headed designer we'd been to the movie with Thursday night, and how much I liked her?  Well, it gets more interesting from there.  As I googled her firm to find her address for her thank you note, which I have to out myself right now and admit I ended up emailing vs writing, it turns out her office is in the same building of my family's company-- but it gets weirder from there.  The building is a small little multi office building over on Carlisle that backs up to the Katy Trail .  We recently sold the building and I happened to be over talking to our CEO and he mentioned a design firm downstairs was helping them plan the new office space, and decide what furniture, art, etc. was going, and what was getting the hook.

Do I even need to tell you whose firm it is???  Yep, my redheaded friend!!!  For all I know, she may be the one who is actually doing it.  Since the building has sold, clearly they will be moving, too, and I'm hoping it's somewhere near our new space.  Then maybe I can drop in and see her when I'm there.  I just looooove stuff like this.  It's just a really small world, no?

The hunting report is in and so far this morning Sis and her dad have shot one dove, and seen the hawk, again.  We've decided he lives in the alley some where close by.  The dove hunting will continue--the dove just get spooked when one of their buddies gets nailed.  The hunter and his "retriever" are waiting for them to settle back down while the termite checker man is here.  Ahhhh...we live such a glam life.  :)

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