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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Screemobile, yahoo!

Here's the current $64,000 question: Can Sis and her big old self fit under an airline seat, should she be invited to join us on vacation this summer vs being left at home with a critter sitter?  Now, we don't even know where we are going, but if Sis can't fit under the seat, she's not going.  I'm not throwing that bad black girl down under in the bowels of a plane, in the cold and the dark, where it's loud enough to make you permanently deaf.  No way.  I once heard a dog barking before take off, in the belly of the plane, and that did it for me.  His family heard him, too, and were as antsy as I was.  Thank goodness it wasn't my dog. I swanny, I'd have had to get off and go get it.

Sad news.  I just googled the dimensions, and Sis is w-a-y- too big to stuff in one of those "doggie bags". The acceptable height is only 9 inches high and that's only to Sis's high shoulder.  What do we do with her head?  She has to be able to stand up and turn around in one, so we might as well try to put me in one, and shove me under the seat.  I'm not sure a crate would work either but it might be worth a visit to Petco to see.  Sorry, Sis.  Looks like unless it does or  we drive (God forbid), you're staying home.  Which brings us to the next issue.

These days, about an hour of Fred's driving is all I can stand anymore.  He's a "weaver" and a "narrator", and I can't handle either one.  I'm done trying to keep myself alive driving long distances with him, while he looks around, narrates, and weaves.  We've tried the headphones thing (him) so he can blast the radio to himself, but then I'm not sure that's a great idea either.  Or very safe.  He tends to zone out and then weaves, but at least he's not narrating. And as for him hearing horns honking?  Nope.  Maybe I could get some noise cancelling ones.  Or, I could drive.  Nah.  I'd rather fly--- and let someone else do the driving.

And before I close, a quick plug for Screenmobile.  They were just here to fix our retractable screen that Sis ran through last week and were able to repair it.  Whew.  It won't hold forever since Sis did do a pretty good number on it, but it's good at least for now, unless she nails it going full speed again.  This is the second time I have used them and they are really great.  Several years ago all of our screens were shot and I had them all replaced.  The guy drove up dragging a 15 foot trailer, popped all of the screens off, replaced them right here, and popped them back on. Now, that's what I call easy.

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