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Monday, February 6, 2012


With all due respect, watching Madonna's half time performance last night was painful.  It was s-l-o-w, weird, and the pom poms???  NO.  Frankly, not to sound cranky but I haven't liked anybody since Prince.  Michael J. was good, but Prince??  No one has busted his performance yet, and lots have tried.  I had more fun watching Celo Green than I did Madonna, but kudos to her for not 1) embarrassing her kids  2) not coming out naked.  Thank you, Madonna.

Now on to more important stuff.  Did you see the Batmobile Eli won as MVP?  That thing was blacker than the ace of spades and probably part rocket.  Where do you think you could drive that thing that every cop in the world wouldn't just be waiting to nail you for doing something wrong?  And how do you get rid of it?  Chevy's gonna know you dumped it if you try to sell it ...maybe you can trade it because I'm sure not seeing any room for a car seat for Eli's baby girl.  Oh,'s not a car seat kind of car, now is doesn't exactly scream family man.  Quite the opposite.

Lastly, Fred told me last night that in Vegas you could bet on all kinds of stuff--not just who won.  He said he'd heard there were even bets on how many times the cameras would show Gisele.  Admittedly, I'm not a big gambler but you must be really hard up for something to bet on, if you bite for that one.  C'mon.

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