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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cluck, cluck

Well...I wondered if it was over, at least for awhile, and it seems it's just been simmering, off to the side.  The UP chicken debate is back on via a large article in today's paper, complete with pictures.  It says that the previous bubble living chickens have been relocated to a Dallas address where chickens in your back yard are not verboten.  But here's the best part:  the three nay voters on the UP Council were named and one of them is a relative of Fred's.  While I already knew this and was attempting to keep my trap shut, now I no longer have to, since it's been blabbed in the Dallas Morning News.  The relative is on Fred's mother's side and his initials are..... Jerry Grable. 

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it sounds as if Dominique Miller is ready for a fight.  Jerry has termed out on the Council, so the two remaining guys better get ready for a hail storm from Mrs. Miller and her fellow hen lovers.  Mrs. Miller plans a petition drive and hen T-shirt campaign and I'm thinking a few eggs may get thrown as well.  As for me, I'd like a size Medium T-shirt, please. 

And while we are on the subject of the newspaper, this morning I decided I'd had enough of seeing a nasty looking ulcerated leg, every morning in the Vein Center ad.  This thing is not a first thing in the morning photo, along with your coffee, and I'm sick and damn tired of trying to avoid seeing it every day when I read the paper online.  So, I called and got the Corporate office number of Vein Centers of Texas and asked for the person in charge of their advertising.  I wasn't mean or ugly--I was just firm--and I told her I found one photo of the four HIGHLY offensive, and why.   I told her I was requesting that it be pulled off immediately, as I did not ever want to see an ulcerated leg, in color, that looked like a shark had eaten it, ever again, and for sure, not first thing in the morning!  When she mentioned the pictures are on a rotating basis and she would check the rotation and remove it when the rotation was over, I told her "No. That's not good enough. I want it off immediately.  Please remove it NOW."

 We'll see what happens.  I'm betting it doesn't come off but it sure was fun to speak up for myself and have a voice.  I can't tell you how much that picture grosses me out every morning and to keep my trap shut on this serves no one, and certainly not me.  Vein Centers of Texas better look out or I may email Steve Blow or Mariana Green at the news, and tell them about it.  Chickens my eye....

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