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Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh no you didn't

Exactly thirty three years ago today--technically in an hour or so--Fred and I got married and I'd do it all over again.  Same guy, same place, the whole nine yards.  I wouldn't change one thing (well, ok, maybe one) because everything and every situation has brought us to today, knowing what we now know.  Has it all been rosy?  Hell, no.  Was it supposed to be?  Hell no, again.  I will say this and then I'll shut up: he is without a doubt the finest man I know and I love him more now than I did when I married him, and that's saying a whole damn lot.
We decided to do an anniversary lunch since we have plans this weekend that don't equal fancy dinner on the town, so we headed to one of my favorite places, Ziziki's.  We've been going there for years and since we're both roasted lamb lovers, I had the lamb salad and he had the sliced grilled lamb with their roasted potatoes.  Now, while you wait, you have to have the artichoke appetizer because it's the law--or it should be.  Served on warm pita bread that's homemade, it's just a winner every time and if you aren't salivating yet, then just get your car keys and head over there now because when you order it, you will.  Since we are both on the no sugar thing for Lent, we ducked dessert and, yes, we know carbs (pita bread) turn in to sugar, but it's my anniversary, so just bite me. 

Lastly, a certain short guy turns six years old tomorrow and I ran by this afternoon to drop off his present and get kisses.  As a mother of boys, I gave him a nerf blaster gun that shoots soft rubber bullets and I even field tester the bullets myself.  I let Hud shoot me from several feet away, in the back, only he pulled a JFK on me and shot me in the back of my head, twice in a row.  Man...he's a good shot!  Luckily it didn't hurt or I would have been in some deep poo.  I wanted to post a picture here of him here wearing his Birthday crown from school, but he's at Learning Express with his dad, picking out a present with birthday money, and his mom couldn't take his pic.  Rats.  Now, before I close, get a load of what Hud's dad, let four year old Hadley buy !!!  He's toast!    
Happy weekend to all and make it a good one.

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